Electric Flea & Tick Comb For Cats Dogs
Electric Flea & Tick Comb For Cats Dogs
Electric Flea & Tick Comb For Cats Dogs
Electric Flea & Tick Comb For Cats Dogs
Electric Flea & Tick Comb For Cats Dogs

Electric Flea & Tick Comb For Cats Dogs

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Fighting off an invasion of fleas on your furry friend is a battle?

You tried Flea Collars, Pills and even harmful Chemicals, but nothing worked?

We invented the best solution: The Electric Flea Comb!

This electric comb is a 100% effective alternative to medical treatments, chemical sprays, and chemical collars.

Guaranteed to kill ALL fleas, remove odors, and leave your pet’s coat shiny!

Without harming your pet,…

harming the environment…

or having to touch the fleas.

All you need to do is to brush it through your pet’s hair.

The easy and quick to use Comb generates a slight electrostatic charge, kills them INSTANTLY on contact and leaves no unwanted fleas behind.

At the same time your pet is enjoying a nice and soothing massage, while not actually feeling the electric charge.

The comb gathers the dead fleas and an eject button lets you discard them hands-free.

Without the fear of them still being alive and jumping through your house.

And because there is no active ingredient used, you can re-use the Electronic Flea Comb as often as necessary!


Not only does our product save your pet from toxic, dangerous chemicals and medicine.

With the reusable Electric Flea Comb you’re also contributing to the global movement towards a green and sustainable environment (Thank you for that!).


Getting rid of those tiny buggers is as simple as 1-2.

Simply comb your pet to kill and collect the fleas.

Upon pressing the eject button it lets you discard them without ever having to touch them.

Eject Fleas


With the new groundbreaking technology you can rest assured that NO flea, tick or lice is left untouched. It’s literally as simple as brushing your pet and letting our Electric Flea Comb do it’s magic! It’s fast, 100% effective and effortless… for you and your furry friend.

Kills Fleas


Think you made the wrong purchase?

Your lovely pet doesn’t approve the Flea Comb?

Don’t worry!

We’re so confident in our product that we will offer you a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee if you’re not 100% LOVING it.

No questions asked!

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